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Amazing videography and composition

Goal: Increase Your Business Revenue

Highest quality videos posted weekly on YouTube for $10,000 a month.

Your brand deserves the highest quality YouTube videos, highlighting the elegance and sophistication of your product line. Every video I produce is between 3 - 10 minutes long and is professionally filmed, edited and promoted on your social media of choice.

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Some Examples of What You Can Expect

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia




What We do

Video Equipment

I do all the filming on a Canon EOS C500 Mark II and backup video on a Canon EOS M50 Mark II mirrorless camera. I use a DJI RS 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo gimbal for smooth image stabilization on all movement shots and the tripod I use is the Sachtler aktiv8 flowtech75 MS Tripod System.

For all aerial shots, I use the DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo with Smart Controller drone, recording everything in 4K. All editing is done in Davinci Resolve, the same software that most film studios use.

Canon camera

Main Camera Canon EOS C500 Mark II

Canon camera

Backup camera Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Drone camera

DJI Air 2S Drone Camera


Gimbal (Image Stabilizer)

Canon camera

Sachtler aktiv8 flowtech75 MS Tripod

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