Most Marketing is Just Noise

Most companies waste a TON of money on marketing for very little Return On Investment (ROI), hiring so-called "experts" who talk in terms of "brand awareness" and "social media exposure".

These "experts" take your marketing budget, spend as much as they can (because they are paid a percentage of the marketing budget) and then tell you that there is no real way to measure success.

All marketing must be tested before going full scale. It must be profitable in small scale testing first.

We Focus on What You Do Best

Most people fail at marketing because they focus on too many things at once.

We do a full analysis of your company activities and figure out what you are best at. This activity will be making you at least 80% of your revenue.

When we find a product or service that is wasting a lot of your resources on customer service and/or returns, we recommend that you drop that activity. When you do, your annual profit will increase.

Once we have a successful campaign focusing on your best product or service, we analyze your other products and services and set up campaigns for them.

We take great care on the initial setup to spend a maximum of $10 per day on any campaign for all platforms, focusing on your best product or service.

Once we have a campaign that is proven to make money, we increase the spend gradually over a period of 2 weeks. Once we are satisfied with the performance of the campaign, we monitor its performance daily. If there's a drop in performance, we analyze the campaign and either modify it and reduce the daily spend... or stop it completely.

Once we have an ad that is working, we let it run as long as possible. We test other ads to see if we can beat the one that is performing well.

Our Areas of Marketing Expertise

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing can be very successful, depending on your product or service. However, for Business to Business (B2B) and big ticket items, it is less successful, depending on the platform.

Facebook. Facebook is still relatively cheap to advertise on but is more for small ticket items and Business to Consumer (B2C) services.

Facebook advertising has been set up to take as much advertising money from you as possible due to the default settings of the setup. It's easy to blow $10,000 very quickly with no result.

We also take care of all your Facebook posting and customer interaction.

YouTube. YouTube (owned by Google) is the most powerful video platform on the planet with 122 million users per day.

Any business not on YouTube creating good content is leaving money on the table. It is still relatively cheap to advertise on, but the key to YouTube ads is to grab the viewer's attention in the first 5 seconds. That's all the time you have before someone can click away.

Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are the other social media platforms that we specialize in. Each of them has their strengths and we use these platforms depending on your products or services.

Paid Search

Google and Bing dominate the paid search market, and both are expensive. However, depending on your offer, they can be very lucrative. It takes considerable skill to make money using paid search and is not for the inexperienced. Like Facebook, the setup is designed to take as much money from you as possible.

Direct Mail

We are direct mail specialists. Direct mail is a forgotten art and is one of the best choices for your marketing campaigns, either for B2B or B2C.

Getting people to open the envelope is the hardest part and this is where most marketing fails. If the envelope looks like advertising, most of the time it will end up in the trash.

We prepare our direct mail as though it came from a friend, guaranteeing a much better open rate.

The secret to direct mail is to get to the point, like all other advertising. When you have a compelling offer, then people will respond when you make it easy for them.

Media Marketing

TV, radio, and magazine marketing all have their place in any marketing campaign. Of course, most of the marketing money spent on any of these platforms is wasted entirely because traditional advertising agencies focus on being "funny" or "relevant". People look at their ads, scratch their heads ("uh... what?") and the opportunity is lost.

Ads that are relevant and have a clear offer do very well on TV, radio and magazine marketing. Ads that are not relevant to the audience and air on the wrong TV show or radio spot always bomb. Same for magazines.

For any advertising on TV, radio, and magazines, it is critical to get to the point... fast.

Any magazine ad should look like it is content written by the magazine writer/editor. Use the same font and copy the tone of the article and people will assume that the writer is the one recommending your product or service.


Everyone thinks that they are a good copywriter...

...but few can actually do it.

If you write like you were taught in school... you are a terrible copywriter.

Successful copywriting is about telling a story the way you would when you talk. If it doesn't read like the way you talk, it won't be understood by your prospect, and you will lose the sale.

Billions of dollars are wasted each year due to poor copywriting. Don't let it happen to you.