Facebook Advertising

Are You Prepared to Pay The Price By Doing It Yourself?

Facebook Advertising can cost you a lot of money if you don't know what you are doing. It's the same for Google Advertising.

Actually, it's designed that way...

If you follow the standard implementation, both Google and Facebook have designed it so that you spend the maximum amount of money. This is great for them, but not so good for you. You can easily blow $10,000 in a day if you don't know what you are doing.

What I Do

I create multiple campaigns designed to specifically test different advertising (both words and images) to get the best result.

I intentionally start out with a very small daily budget so that I can test different ads at the same time. Once I find a winner, I increase the daily spend to your daily budget.

Once I have found a successful ad, I keep trying to beat it with other ads that are run on a very small daily budget. If I find a winner, I replace the current ad with the new one.

I then regularly monitor the successful ad to make sure that it is still performing as expected. It's easy to sit back and expect an ad to keep performing, but often that is not the case. Regular monitoring of the ad ensures that you don't pay for an ad that is no longer working.

How many ad agencies follow these practices? None that I know of.

Primary Goal

It is my primary goal to maximize your ad spending so that you get the best return on investment. All ads that are running with a significant daily spend should be performing well and making you money.