Custom Web Development

Do You Have A Specific Business Requirement?

Many businesses have specific needs that can't be met with a standard website. It could be some custom database work to retrieve patient or student records, inventory management for a store or warehouse, or an online e-commerce store. The possiblilites are endless. Whatever you can think of can be done.

Do you need a login built for your new course? Do you need to keep track of your invoices and taxes? It's all possible with the right developer and great developers are very hard to find.

What Makes A Great Developer?

I have worked with many people who call themselves developers and the reality is that most are pretty bad. They do just enough to get a project to work without any thought to the long term viability of the project. But what happens when someting changes? Everything breaks and they try all sorts of hacks to get it to work again.

Most developers do enough study to get their job and then they are happy. They keep developing with the knowledge that they have, rarely trying to learn something new, never searching for a better approach.

I am not like that. I do the research and learn the right approach. It's not hard... it's all there on the Microsoft website. I am constantly learning, trying to improve as a developer.

The reality is that things are constantly changing and Microsoft is the force behind the change. I regularly check the Microsoft website for change and am always learning something new.

What You Get

We will work with you and build the system that you need, on time and on budget. Whatever your requirements are, we can do it. I make sure that all of the code is written to the strict Microsoft standards and anything that is not to their standards is returned to the developer for re-writing. That doesn't happen very often anymore because I have trained my team well. Anything that is particularly challenging, I will write the code myself.