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About Caring Medical

Since 1993, our clinic has provided an oasis of hope for patients from around the world who are trying to avoid joint surgery, as well as those who have already tried multiple treatments, including surgeries. On this site, you will learn more about our treatments, technology, and research, and how we achieve outstanding patient results because of our unique approach to Prolotherapy. If you are looking for the top pain clinic to actually resolve your pain and not just temporarily cover up the symptoms, let’s talk... Together, we can turn your case around!


We Are Prolotherapy Specialists

Caring Medical is blessed to have an incredible team of providers who are dedicated to providing highly effective, individualized treatment plans that relieve pain and help patients return to sports, work, and activities quickly and safely. For patients who are serious about receiving regenerative treatments from specialists who treat some of the toughest cases from around the world, Caring Medical is for you! Read more about our clinic, as well as our research, blogs, books, and other resources.


Regenerative Medicine Treatments

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