About Me

I specialize in videography and web design / web development. I learned videography through my study of photography, initially applying the same principles to the filming process and then branching out later to be formally trained. My Dad taught me the rule of thirds in photography when I was a teenager and it ignited a passion for excellence.

I learned videography and film making from some of the best videographers in the world and was taught techniques that are not usually released except to a select few. I feel very fortunate to be accepted and taught by them.

I also learned how to code websites and make them look good. I did every tutorial I could find online and gradually started to learn how everything worked. I studied what other great designers were doing and applied their experience and knowledge to my own designs.

I focused on making websites look good for about 8 years. I was working full time as a front-end web developer, which is a fancy term for someone who makes websites look good. I realized that there are other aspects to websites other than how they look, so I learned how they work on the back end. This is called back-end development, which means making everything work, including forms, emails, and any specialized requirements.

I studied how the back end works from 2015 until now and learned everything I could from the Microsoft website and other online tutorials. The end result? I am really good on the back end too. There's not much I don't understand or haven't done.

If you want to learn how the technical stuff works and the web technologies I use, please go to my technology page for more information.

About My Team

I have a very talented team of 6 social media experts, each having their own style, which I encourage. They take care of the things I don't know how to do and I rely on them heavily.

Other things to know about me

I am a Christian businessman and honor Jesus in all that I do. I am a dual citizen of Australia and USA (yes, I still have my accent) and have been living in the US since 2010. I have a beautiful family and we have been blessed with 4 girls. Whatever spare time I have is spent with my family, in my garage woodworking or watching NBA basketball.